How do I appeal my SASSA SRD grant for July 2023

About 18 million South Africans rely on permanent social grants to purchase bare necessities and maintain their livelihoods.


Disability grants, older person grants, child support grants, and war veteran grants are among these social grants. A grant to foster a child. The Care Dependency Grant.

Having your social grant application rejected can have devastating consequences, so it’s not surprising. Sassa allows beneficiaries to appeal if this occurs. 

Sassa branches offer guidance on the appeal process and the steps to submit an appeal application if a permanent grant application is declined by Sassa.

Reasons For The Suspension Of Social Grants 

Social grants can be suspended for a number of reasons by Sassa. Among these are changes in the recipient’s financial or medical circumstances, an unfavorable grant review, or a grant that was approved by mistake.

Furthermore, Sassa conducts regular grant reviews to ensure that recipients of social grants genuinely need them and qualify for them.

In addition, the agency reserves the right to suspend grant payments if fraudulent activity is detected, recipients have misrepresented their circumstances, or some documents have not been submitted, 

Grants can also be suspended if they are not collected for three consecutive months or if they are not reviewed. After a grant has been suspended, individuals have 30 days to apply for its restoration. The social grant may lapse if you do not reapply within this deadline.


The main cause of a permanent social grant lapse is failure to reapply. To avoid any grant payment delays, grant beneficiaries must stay informed about the renewal process and submit their applications by the specified deadline.

Grants can also lapse due to changes in the recipient’s financial situation, death, or migration. Those who believe their permanent grant applications were unjustifiably denied can appeal to Sassa to have their cases reviewed. 

If you are facing a grant suspension or a declined application, please contact Sassa and visit your local branch to understand the appeal process thoroughly. 

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